They want to introduce irrelevant evidence of drugs and stolen credit cards in his car.

A newly passed bill allows school staffers to carry guns after the Nashville school shooting.

There are more than 30 proposed bills nationwide.

America is a melting pot. So why haven’t we embraced the people who’ve represented that even before this country’s beginning?  

Since the change was implemented by election officials in July, almost all voting rights restorations in the state have been halted.

The Shelby County District Attorney's office has dropped 30-40 cases worked on by the officers who were charged in the death of Tyre Nichols.

Legislation and policies that disproportionately affect Black people aren't limited to Florida.

In leaked audio footage, House Republicans can be heard getting embarrassingly whiny about the criticism and about being called racist.

Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton has some explaining to do.

"Boycott Tennessee" trended on social media after GOP lawmakers expelled two Black legislators who also protested against guns but did not expel a white state rep. who did the same thing.

Two Black lawmakers in Tennessee were expelled for leading an anti-gun protest on the House floor after the Nashville school shooting, but the white State Rep. who joined them kept her job. They are known as the "Tennessee Three."