As new research shows 65% of Americans want the president elected by popular vote, it can't be forgotten that Black voters have plenty to gain from replacing the Electoral College.

Steven Reed, Montgomery, Alabama's first Black mayor, is doing damage control.

Joe Biden's support among Black voters has been either stagnant or sagging while the polar opposite has been true for his rival Bernie Sanders as the primary season rapidly approaches.

HBCU students are no longer easy, dependable votes for the Democratic Party, as their low turnout rate in  2016 illustrates.

While few things in politics are certain, one thing that has held true over the past several decades is that African Americans will vote Democratic. RELATED: Obamas: NO FACEBOOK For Malia And Sasha And while African Americans’ relationship with Democrats has become highly publicized marriage, a rising chorus of African American liberals and independents are […]

Civil rights advocates claim a recently passed law that requires voters to show photo identification threatens to stymie the African American and politically disenfranchised in the 2012 election. The law, which requires voters to show state-issued identification may keep millions of African Americans who lack the time and resources needed to obtain the proper documents […]

No one expects African-Americans to vote in anywhere near their numbers from 2008, when their 65 percent turnout matched that of whites for the first time. But that isn’t stopping Democratic organizers and supporting groups from using aggressive, even racially charged, tactics to get them to the polls next Tuesday.

On the eve of midterm elections, reports show that the African-American vote is pivotal to the outcome for Democrats.

Brian Wooley a Republican candidate for Mayor in Shrevesport, Louisiana is causing controversy with a flier he has been dispersing in African-American neighborhoods, the Shrevesport Times reports. At issue is a “Freedom Rally” event purportedly sponsored by mayoral candidate Bryan Wooley. The rally, which appears to have happened on Wednesday and Thursday, featured free chicken […]