Although the U.S. makes its latest move to make things official, ByteDance doesn’t intend to sell. Read updates on the U.S. TikTok ban.

Football players in California were not expelled for a racist TikTok video "prank."


A new viral Tik Tok video shows a white man at a bar in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego, getting big mad at the establishment's BLM sign. The man can be heard repeatedly shouting "I'm white, kill me," and refusing to leave telling bar workers to "kick me out."


Sasha Obama, the youngest first daughter of the first Black president, turned 20 years old on Thursday, June 10.

The latest trend on an even trendier social media app has taken a hateful turn for the worse after some of its users channeled their racism to fuel a viral challenge gone horribly wrong.