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It’s almost 2022 and there are still apparently plenty of white people who lose it at the mere sight of the words “Black lives matter.” At this point, I refuse to believe they still fear that “Black lives matter” means “only” Black lives. Nah, we’ve wasted far too much of our collective breath explaining that we only specify Black lives because we are the ones consistently being treated as disposable. We’ve done the whole “you wouldn’t go to a cancer awareness rally shouting  ‘All diseases matter'” thing to death already. They know what BLM is about, they’re just salty that systemic racism is no longer an issue they can just ignore.

Anyway, a new viral Tik Tok video shows a white man at a bar getting big mad at the establishment’s BLM sign.

The man is seen in the video wearing a white hood—but not a Klan hood, just a white hoodie that makes him look like the Ku Klux Klan of 8 Mile—and banging on a counter while shouting “F**k your racist bullsh*t.,” as well as “I’m white; Kill me, I’m white.” (First of all, don’t threaten us with a good time.)

According to the Daily Dot, the whiny white meltdown of caucastic proportions took place at a bar in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego, California, and according to the original video poster and other commenters who witnessed the spectacle, the Chula Vista Police Department initially refused to do anything about this ridiculous man who, throughout the recording, can be heard repeatedly shouting “I’m white” as if everyone couldn’t perfectly see this pasty, mayo-menagerie member was, indeed, a Caucasian person.

“CVPD said they ‘know this guy’ and has allowed him to do this to multiple businesses in Chula Vista,” the person who posted the video under the handle @heythisisdrey wrote.

After a voice that was presumably from a staff member at the bar asks the man multiple times to leave, he can be heard challenging people to “kick me out” as his white rage meter fills to the point where he’s seen damaging the exit door. According to the poster, he was eventually arrested and released later that night, and CVPD officers actually “tried to prove this piece of sh** didn’t cause the damage to the door.”

“I was FOOLISH to have hope that they would believe the 20+ people who witnessed the damage be done in real-time,” @heythisisdrey wrote. “They looked me, a worker, and the owner in the eyes and said, ‘[I don’t know] door looks pretty old already.’ If I hadn’t taken this video there [would] be no arrest.”

Yep, sounds about white.


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