The media site has yet to adhere to the demands of organizations like Color of Change.


TMZ has been criticized for their coverage of Black celebrity deaths. Was their reporting on the passing of Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend, any different?


Color of Change's petition against TMZ is bringing attention to the "lack of journalistic integrity" when reporting Black celebrity deaths.

Van Lathan’s recent interview with Jemele Hill on her “Unbothered” podcast cast him in a light that hadn’t been seen following his highly publicized firing from TMZ.

More details are coming out about the incident that got Van Lathan fired from TMZ.

Van Lathan was one of TMZ's most popular personalities.

The founder of TMZ is reportedly a Trump supporter.

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Flavor Flav was arrested and taken into police custody in Las Vegas this morning, after cops charged him with a DUI, amongst other offenses. According to TMZ, the hip-hop veteran was pulled over by highway patrol around 12:30 a.m. for going 73 mph in a 45 mph zone. The site reports he was charged with: — DUI […]

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Kanye West is accused of beating a photographer and smashing his camera. During his deposition, Kanye compared the plight of celebrities to the fight for civil rights in the ‘60s. To read a full account of Kanye’s very interesting comparison of celebrities running from paparazzi to civil rights activists fighting for equality visit TMZ.


In response to Death Row founder Suge Knight saying that he preferred being called “ni**a” over  “African-American,” TMZ created one of their daily polls to ask: “…we gotta ask…refer to black people as “n***as” or “African-American”? See the poll results below: TMZ’s comment section is known to be a haven for racist White people who […]

According to TMZ Bow Wow owes the Internal Revenue Service just short of one hundred thousand dollars. The Cash Money Records artist has been in the studio recording a new album scheduled to drop early 2012. In the meantime : “A tax lien filed in Florida by the federal government says the rapper, real name […]