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In response to Death Row founder Suge Knight saying that he preferred being called “ni**a” over  “African-American,” TMZ created one of their daily polls to ask:

“…we gotta ask…refer to black people as “n***as” or “African-American”?

See the poll results below:

TMZ’s comment section is known to be a haven for racist White people who consume Black entertainment as long as it’s performed in a White body, which is why this latest stunt is not at all surprising.

Knight gave a long explanation on why he preferred to be called a “ni**a”:

“You know,” Knight said in response to the cameraman asking if he gave anyone a pass for using the “n-word, “it depends on how you say ‘n***a’ and what you doing with it. When you really look at it, a lot of people say ‘the n-word’ and a lot of people use it as a situation they’re scared to say something about it. A lot of times people say ‘the n-word,’ right? I like that better than ‘African-American,’ we not from Africa, we Black.

“Even Africans don’t call each other ‘African.’ If they from Kenya, they say, ‘I’m Kenyan.’ ”

“But at the same time,” he said, “if you take football athletes, if you take athletes, people make a big deal about using ‘n****r,’ but at the same time if you’re a rapper you can use it. Eminem is a white boy, he did a song saying ‘all black women is n****r b*****s and they gold diggers.’ So if you can do a song like that, and you got guys scared to say something about it, don’t say something now … if you’re going to be one way, be one way with everybody or be one way with nobody.”

“If somebody use the word ‘n***a’ and they hang around n****s and they use the word ‘n***a’ that’s one thing, but I still don’t feel certain people can say it to me.”

So, TMZ, took the words of a Hip-Hop industry vet, an industry known for throwing around the n-word, as a segue into posting one of the most blatantly racist polls, ever. They used the argument that because rappers didn’t speak out against Eminem, who is known for racist and homophobic remarks, as an excuse to ask their largely White readership whether or not Black people should be called “ni**as”?

That sounds about right.

The post has approximately 370 comments, and most of them are as racist and ignorant as one would expect.