More people of color and LGBTQ candidates were elected to various offices across the nation in this year's midterms.


Lil Duval’s recent hurtful comments about mistrusting and killing transgender women during Power 105's The Breakfast Club interview prompted conversations about ending transphobia.

Keisha Jenkins, a Black transgender woman and college student, was fatally shot, making her the 21st transgender woman killed this year.

Florida police have arrested and charged a man in connection with the death of a transgender woman who was fatally shot in a Tampa-area park, NBC reports. India Clarke, 25, was shot once in the head and found dead on July 21, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said. Keith Gaillard tuned himself in to police […]


In 2012, a transgender woman Ashley Diamond, was arrested on burglary charges and was housed in a correctional facility with men. Although Diamond had been taking estrogen therapy for 17 years, she was denied access to her medication; her gender as a woman was not acknowleged by the Georgia Corrections Department. Diamond,now 36, subsequently sued […]

NewsOne Now

Five transgender women of color have been murdered over the course of a five week period this year. According to BlackLivesMatter.com, “The average life expectancy for a Black transgender woman is 35 years.” Thursday, on “NewsOne Now,” Lourdes Hunter, Co-Founder/National Director of Trans Women of Color Collective, Cleo Manago, Behavioral Health Expert and America’s Psychologist, Dr. […]