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If there was any sort of wake up from the 2016 election, it definitely happened on Election Day 2017. United States citizens came out to vote in the elections and the diversity across the board on gender, sexuality, and race has shown in the results.

Here are the folks who made history this year.

Danica Roem

Danica Roem is the first out transgender lawmaker in the state of Virginia.

Ravinder Bhalla

Bhalla is the first Sikh American to be elected mayor in New Jersey’s history.

Andrea Jenkins

Jenkins is the first openly trans person of color to win a seat in Minneapolis City Council and the first openly trans Black woman elected to public office in the U.S.

Wilmot Collins

A refugee from Liberia who arrived in Helena, Mon. 23 years ago, Collins is the first Black mayor in Montana’s history.

Jenny Durkan

In one of the most competitive races in Seattle’s recent history, Jenny Durkan is the first lesbian mayor of Seattle and first female mayor since 1926.

Melvin Carter III

Carter will serve St. Paul as the Minnesota city’s first mayor of color.

Janet Diaz

Diaz made history as Lancaster’s first Latina to win a spot in city council.

Jonathan McCollar

McCollar won the race as the first Black mayor of Statesboro, Ga. on a campaign of change and inclusion.

Kathy Tran

Tran is the first Asian-American woman to be elected to the Virginia House of Delegates.

Zachary DeWolf

DeWolf, who is also a Chippewa Cree tribal member, is Seattle’s first openly gay school board member.

Michelle Kaufusi

A Provo, Ut. native, Kaufsi will serve as the first woman elected mayor of the city.

Vi Lyles

Lyles became the first Black woman elected mayor of Charlotte, N.C., running on a campaign based on building a city of opportunity and inclusiveness.

Brendon Barber

Barber is the first Black mayor of Georgetown, S.C.

Michelle De La Isla

De La Isla is the first Latina woman to win the mayoral race in Topeka, Kan..

Mary Parham Copelan

Copelan is Milledgeville, Ga.’s first female African-American mayor.

Booker Gainor

Gainor is Cairo, Ga.’s first Black mayor.

Laura Curran

Curran is the first female County Executive in Long Island, N.Y. history.

Lisa Middleton

Middlelton made history as the first trans person to be elected to non-judicial office in California.

Cathy Murillo

Murillo became the first Latina mayor of Santa Barbara.


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