The unthinkable levels of racist devastation was inflicted on Black Wall Street in the Greenwood Business District on May 31, 1921.

Race Matters

Oklahoma State Board of Education voted to demote Tulsa Public Schools' accreditation status due to critical race theory claims.

Another day, another tragedy in America. Here's everything we know so far about the Tulsa hospital mass shooting.

Good News

Educator Claudia Walker’s children’s book ‘The ABCs of Black Wall Street’ celebrates the legacies of Tulsa’s Black entrepreneurial trailblazers.

This Front Page is by no means exhaustive. There is no way to list the names of every Black person killed by police—no way to list every injustice, every instance of inhumanity and hypocrisy. There is no way to lift up all the brilliant, beautiful, bold, Black work that is being done to make freedom dreams a reality. What we have curated here is a small window into what resistance, revolution, and reimaging has looked like across this nation and the globe.


The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation is investing in Tulsa making it an innovative, collaborative, and thriving city, by prioritizing BIPOC entrepreneurs, women business owners, and small businesses.

Biden is also expected to visit the historic site and spend time with survivors and descendants.


As we remember the Tulsa Massacre 100 years later, let’s not only remember the violence but the actions of those who fought with the hope that it would never be repeated.


Sen. Lankford attempted to walk back earlier comments questioning the validity of the 2020 election, but for his Black constituents, the effort was too little, too late.

Good News

LeBron James will executive produce a film about Black Wall Street.

Good News

Rapper and activist Killer Mike has teamed up with Atlanta businessmen to launch a Black-owned digital bank.


Tulsa police video shows a white driver pulled over by cops refuse to follow orders, resist arrest and assaulted officers before wrestling away one of their guns and shooting them both at point-blank range, killing one.