Sports commentator Skip Bayless thought Damar Hamlin's injury was a good time to tweet about how canceling a game might affect the NFL season.

Public Figures

Christian Walker's old tweet showing "love" for Kehlani contradicts his "mediocre singer" claim after their video confrontation at a Starbucks went viral.

Race Matters

The ex-Iowa Rep. compared gardening and abortion to slavery in a foolish Juneteenth tweet.

Twitter users demanded an explanation from Phylicia Rashad after she tweeted "a miscarriage of justice is corrected" following Bill Cosby's release from prison and overturned conviction for sexual assault.

A fountain of some of the fakest conservative outrage has been overflowing on social media with unjustified criticism after Vice President Kamala Harris had the audacity to, gasp, offer some kind words to the American people ahead of Memorial Day.

Rollbacks by Trump concerning climate change could be detrimental to Black people in the era of the coronavirus.

As the Houston Rockets were losing a preseason game in Japan, the NBA was seemingly on the verge of losing its once-stranglehold grip on the sport of basketball in China. All because of a single tweet.

A single tweet from an apparently random traveler turned Twitter upside down Thursday when it alleged a Howard University student had failed a midterm exam badly.