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Republican Rep. Steve King Holds Town Hall Meeting In Boone, Iowa

Steve King in 2019. | Source: Joshua Lott / Getty

Do y’all remember Steve King? No, not Stephen King, the guy who writes really good books but occasionally says something racist. I’m talking about the former Republican congressman from Iowa who, in his last term, was stripped of all his committee assignments because he was too racist to be an active member of the U.S. government. (Which is like a person being too tiny and blue to be a Smurf.) He was Marjorie Taylor Greene before Marjorie Taylor Greene was out here Marjorie Taylor Greene-ing.

Ex-Rep. Steve King is the guy who thinks white people are the Michael Jordan of contributing to society while every other ethnic group never even made it to the NBA. He’s the guy who, in just a few years, went from wondering how terms like “white nationalist” and “White supremacist” even became offensive to being enormously offended by repeatedly being called a white nationalist himself.

Anyway, now King is on Twitter reminding us that he’s still alive and still as racist as he was when he was a working legislator. And he’s using Juneteenth as a starting point for his most recent public contribution of oblivious white nonsense.

“I spent Juneteenth all day in the hot sun hoeing and pulling weeds and thinking about what it would have been like to have been a slave,” King tweeted Tuesday. “At the end of the day, I thought about what it would be like to be an aborted baby. I got to see the sunrise and the sunset.”


OK, first of all, what is King even talking about here? Is he comparing doing a little gardening in his own backyard (which he probably didn’t actually do, but whatever) to actual slavery? Did he do this hoeing and weeding from sunrise to sunset on a plantation owned by a white man who also owned him and his family, which could be auctioned off to another owner at any moment? Does he also wonder what it would be like to be a cow every time he eats a hamburger? (Actually, that reminds me of the time King suggested electrocuting illegal immigrants because “we do that with livestock all the time.”)

King also appears to be suggesting that abortion is worse than slavery because at least enslaved people got to see a sunrise and sunset, unlike aborted “babies.” I’m not even sure what to do with that—or any of it, really. I’ll just let the fine folks on Twitter respond.

So, basically, the King of white nationalism is still a racist moron—from sunrise to sunset.


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