Herschel Walker flashing a badge "prop" at the Georgia Senate debate against Warnock sparked social media memes ridiculing the moment.

Twitter was set ablaze when Steve Harvey debuted his latest style choice.

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Retired world champion boxer Laila Ali may have been an expert at throwing hands in the ring, but she’s being beaten up across Twitter over an anti-vaccine social media post pushing a COVID-19 conspiracy theory.


Sasha Obama, the youngest first daughter of the first Black president, turned 20 years old on Thursday, June 10.

Just how racist does someone have to be to actively work for the better part of two years to stop saying the N-word?

Kanye West has increasingly been the butt of many jokes this year, but he just may get the last laugh with the release of his latest album, "Jesus Is Born."

Here are some of Twitter users' most hilarious reactions to Trump's A$AP Rocky tweet with what seemed like every single meme and gif to help propel the term "Rocky Week" to become the top trending topic Friday afternoon.


If Trump were to take credit for negotiating Rocky’s release, whether he actually did it or not, Twitter users sounded off about how awkward that thank you from the rapper would be.

The Vermont Senator is throwing his hat into the ring.

Twitter drags a congressman who for forgetting about slavery.


Bernie Sanders kicked off the new year with a misguided tweet likely intended to shore up support among Black voters but seemed to push many away.


Former NFL player Rae Carruth was released from prison on Monday, and Twitter wasn't having it.