The autopsy report for Tyre Nichols was shared with the family, revealing that Nichols "died of brain injuries from blunt force trauma.”


Why are police often given automatic credibility and shielding from accountability, after altercations with Black people?

The National Day of Action Against Police Terror unites racial justice groups demanding accountability for victims who have died at the hands of law enforcement like Tyre Nichols.

Officials in Sacramento are working to commemorate his legacy.

Shreveport police officer was arrested Thursday for the shooting death of Alonzo Bagley, an unarmed Black man in Louisiana. 

A new report suggests reckless driving may not be the true motivation for Memphis police officers to initiate a traffic stop on Tyre Nichols.


The effect of staff shortages and the experience levels of the officers involved in Tyre Nichols’ death should form part of the investigation of the Memphis Police Department.

The revelation that a Memphis cop texted a "female acquaintance" with a graphic photo of Tyre Nichols has revived a debunked "rumor" that the beating was personal.

Former Memphis police officer Demetrius Haley "admitted" to taking a photo of Tyre Nichols after beating him and then texting it to others, according to an official police statement.

Joe Biden’s State of the Union address will highlight Black Americans whose lives have been drastically affected by police brutality.

Tony Hawk will donate half of the proceeds of autographed photos to the Tyre Nichols fund for a skatepark.

DOJ will partake in an external review of the Memphis Police Department after five officers beat 29-year-old Tyre Nichols to death.