Adrianne Todman will lead the federal agency once Marcia Fudge's resignation takes effect.


Black leaders showered HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge with gratitude after she announced her unexpected resignation from President Joe Biden's cabinet.

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Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Robert C. Weaver became the first Black member of a presidential cabinet on this day in 1966.

A serious House hearing teetered on the inane as Democratic members of Congress took turns grilling Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Capitol Hill.

Newt Gingrich showered Ben Carson with lavish praise in an op-ed and insisted the secretary of Housing and Urban Development was “both helping poor Americans and enforcing the law.”


Ben Carson's proposed changes to a decades-old housing program supporting the poorest Americans would jack up rents and deepen poverty in the US.


Where people live in the US is still often influenced by racial discrimination. Is the federal government doing enough to carry out the vision of the civil rights era legislation?

Ben Carson is having a really bad month.

Ben Carson wanting to remove the word "urban" from the Housing and Urban Development department title raises some interesting questions.