Race Matters

Racist social media trolls are calling Matt Petgrave "murderer" and demanding his execution after the Black hockey player's skate fatally cut the neck of a white opponent.


A skate of Matt Petgrave, who is Black, fatally struck the neck of Adam Johnson, who is white.

The UK has announced a plan that will transfer thousands of African migrants to Rwanda instead of allowing them to seek asylum in the UK.


The University of Kent, which is in the UK, is encouraging students to take a four-hour course on white privilege, pronoun use, and microaggressions, and students who pass the course win a gold star.

If anyone was thought there would be some type of racial reckoning to suddenly come over the British tabloid press following Oprah Winfrey's bombshell interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, think again.

Parts of Europe were in full panic mode as public health officials there reported what seemed to be the U.K. outbreak of a new mutant strain of Covid-19 that is described as being exponentially more contagious.

Good News

Barbie has created a doll inspired by Britain’s fastest woman sprinter Dina Asher-Smith.

Good News

Tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton launched a scholarship for Black students at Oxford University.

The Chagos Islands, Africa's last remaining British colony, is still under control of the United Kingdom despite orders from the United Nations for Britain to recognize its sovereignty.

Good News

4-year-old Alannah George has made history as the second youngest member of Mensa in the UK.

Good News

Dr. Olivette Otele has made history by becoming the first Black woman history professor in the UK.

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