Sen. Emanuel Jones called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom while opposing a statue of Thomas in the Georgia Capitol.

The Republican claims someone with "desire to depict me as a sellout" sent him the book.

Comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a brutal roasting of the president, his administration, and particularly Sarah Sanders at the 2018 White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

Jalen Rose’s recent comment that he considered black Duke players like Grant Hill “Uncle Toms” was insulting to everyone at the school, coach Mike Krzyzewski said Tuesday. Also read: Rihanna Wrongfully Brags On Twitter That Her Show Is Sold Out

Jalen Rose grew up poor in Detroit, the son of single mom and an NBA player he never met. He helped transform basketball culture as a member of Michigan’s iconic Fab Five team, then earned more than $100 million as a pro baller.

I admit that I froze up when I heard about Grant Hill becoming offended about Jalen Rose referring to he and other black Duke University players as “Uncle Toms.” During the recent ESPN documentary about the Fab Five, Rose was especially candid in describing his disdain for Duke University.  Using colorful and entertaining language, Rose […]