Sophia Rosing, also known as the University of Kentucky "Karen" shown on video in a racist, violent attack against a Black student, had the audacity to plead not guilty to the documented assault.

Sophia Rosing was charged for a racist attack against a Black student.

Race Matters

Kylah Spring said she's not surprised at all.

The fundraiser for Kylah Spring, victim of a racist attack by a white student, has exceeded its goal.

Black students should have the right to feel safe at any institution that they decide to attend.

Race Matters

University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing was arrested after a video showed her attacking and using racial slurs against Kylah Spring.

A Black University of Kentucky basketball player found himself apologizing after a hot mic picked up his “poor choice of words” towards his White opponent during a post-NCAA Final Four game press conference Saturday. Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison was caught calling his opponent, Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky, the N-word after a reporter questioned the panel of Wildcats about the […]