The Utah family of a young Black girl who died by suicide last year is suing for $14 million.

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe spoke out about a racist fan calling Duke's Black volleyball players the N-word, but he didn't call it "racist."

University of Utah administrators are looking into two incidents: One where a Black student said they found feces spread over the door to their dorm room and, in the same building, an incident where students said they saw white students dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes. 

A 10-year-old black girl in Utah died by suicide after telling family members that she had been a victim of bullying at her school. Tichenor Cox and the family are taking it upon themselves to try to raise awareness about suicide amongst children and thwart bullying. 

Racist harassment of Black students and students of color routinely went ignored, unchallenged and was even encouraged by those in positions of authority at a Utah school district, the Department of Justice has found.


Black teen basketball player manhandled and handcuffed by police for "trespassing" in a high school gym.

Too little, too late? Twitter thinks so.

Love has been getting little support from Republicans.

Her comments in a private Facebook group went public.

A Utah elementary school is changing its name to honor the late Black NASA mathematician and aerospace engineer Mary W. Jackson.

A House committee voted in favor of a rep's controversial "Stand Your Ground" bill in Utah as violence against people of color has been a major concern.

A Salt Lake City police official who fatally shot Patrick Harmon has been cleared by the city’s defense attorney.