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Midvale, Utah 'Karen' arrest video for racially harassing neighbors

Source: TikTok

Is anyone else starting to suspect that crazy, racist white women are auditioning for some kind of America’s Next Top Karen reality gameshow the rest of us don’t know about? Maybe all of the senseless harassment of Black people and people of color, the violent and explicitly racist temper tantrums, and the persistent and incorrigible minding of non-white people’s business are all strategic ploys to go viral in some secret KKK Grandma Wizard competition.

If this is, indeed, the case, then let me introduce you all to the latest contestant on America’s Got White Grievances.

Meet Kathryn Smith of Midvale, Utah.

Smith was arrested Tuesday on multiple outstanding warrants, but the arrest only came after a series of videos showing the 67-year-old harassing her neighbor’s non-white children and allegedly calling them racial slurs.

It all came crashing down on Smith after popular TikTok personality Tizzy Ent. shared a video that spliced together footage of numerous instances in which Smith is seen approaching the family with loud and frustrated white nonsense or making profane and derogatory remarks while passing by children.

According to the vlogger, Smith’s neighbor is a single mother of a 9-year-old who reportedly has to check to make sure Smith isn’t around before he goes outside to play because he “lives in fear” of his KK-Karen neighbor’s constant harassment. Things allegedly got so bad that the mother had a man help her install a security system on her house, during which time Smith allegedly approached them and said to the mother, “I see you have to hire n—rs to work for you now.” (Presumably, the man who helped with the security system was Black, but she could also have just been using racial slurs for the audition video she planned to submit to America’s Got White Supremacy.)

In one video, which is censored due to the language, Smith appears to shout, “Get in your house n—r” and “Stay in your own house n—r” at the child. According to Tizzy Ent, Smith has also threatened to feed the boy to her “savanna cats from Africa.”

Smith is also seen in footage approaching her neighbor’s home, messing with her vehicles and pulling her phone out to record things, because, for some reason, it’s a common thing for Karens to record their own videos displaying their own ultra-Caucasian foolishness.

Anyway, in the video posted to TikTok, Smith can be heard telling the woman that just because she “squirted out a child” doesn’t mean she’s “fit to be a mother,” which is rich coming from a woman who was pretending to be morally superior while several warrants were out there that had her name written on them. Some of those warrants involved the very family she was harassing.

From Fox 13:

Outstanding warrants for Smith included disorderly conduct in August, and property damage and destruction after she allegedly ripped the family’s garden.

There was also an arrest warrant for an assault in June after documents said Smith forcibly poked the victim’s pregnant stomach before pushing her with both hands in the stomach.

Smith, 67, was later released on her own recognizance after posting $1,000 bond.

According to Tizzy Ent., neighbors had complained that neither law enforcement nor the Home Owners Association was willing to do anything about Smith despite the existing legal documents that authorized her arrest. It wasn’t until the TikTok video went viral and the public outrage became overwhelming that any real action was taken. That’s likely why it was on Tuesday that the Unified Police Department said the alleged harassment was being investigated and that they were working with other social service providers to work on a long-term solution for everyone involved.

Midvale Mayor Marcus Stevenson also weighed in on the situation (albeit, in a way that extended far too much grace to the aggressor) saying that he’s “hopeful that this is a positive step for the healing of the targeted family, the affected neighborhood, Ms. Smith, and our entire community.”

Meanwhile, attorneys representing the harassed family appear to be gearing up for a legal battle.

More from Fox 13.

According to the family’s attorney, the woman believed to be Smith has been yelling racial slurs, curse words and more — not only at the adults, but their kids, too.

“It’s super gut-wrenching and heart-throbbing to see what this family is going through,” said Rae Duckworth, the operating chairperson for the Black Lives Matter Utah chapter. “So I can’t imagine what they’re actually experiencing.”

The family, who did not want to be named, said they’ve captured around 100 of these incidents on their doorbell camera.

“They’ve used every resource given, and there’s just been no accountability for this type of behavior that is just inhumane and disgusting,” Duckworth said.

The family is working with an attorney, Tyler Ayers, to try to do something about it. He says Smith’s actions can be classified as crimes.

“Disturbing the peace, harassment, assault, battery, trespassing, all of these things — and we’re not even getting into the technical civil rights ones. Those are just basic common law claims,” Ayers said.

Seriously, it couldn’t possibly be this important to go viral just to get on Real House Whites of Karenville, or whatever secret show these Karens are trying to get on.


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