Here’s how the COVID-19 vaccine was tested for efficacy and safety on children and how access to these shots could alter the impact of COVID-19 for American kids.


Candace Owens must have gone to the Ben Carson school of medicine.


The Nation of Islam has added its two cents to the wide-ranging debate about children vaccinations.

According to the Office of Minority Health, when it comes to receiving the vaccination for pneumonia, Hispanic adults aged 65 and older were 45.2 percent less likely to have ever received the pneumonia shot, while Blacks were at 49.8 percent.

Ben Carson (pictured), a retired world-renowned neurosurgeon, author, political activist and prospective Republican presidential candidate has given his stamp of approval on the much-debated issue of vaccines, letting it be known that they are direly necessary for children, according to NPR. “When you have diseases that have demonstrably been shown to be curtailed or eradicated by […]