Good News

Rihanna recently donated essential items to veterans facing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Trump has a long and detailed history of disrespecting American servicemen, especially those who have died for their country. Case in point: Army Sgt. La David Johnson.

Bank of America restored the money stolen from the account of the nation's oldest veteran Richard Overton.


A project to create a monument honoring Black veterans has received a $600,000 grant from the state of New York.

Good News

In honor of Black History Month, the U.S. Navy is shining a light on African American sailors who fought for our country.


The National Museum of African American History and Culture is shedding light on the unsung stories of Black people who served in the military.


Military veterans are showing their solidarity with demonstrators at Standing Rock.

Richard Overton turned 110 on Wednesday, making him the oldest living World War II veteran. But he says age isn't slowing him down

A North Carolina judge sentenced a veteran with PTSD to jail overnight and joined him in the cell. The judge wanted to hold the vet accountable, but was also concerned how the former soldier would respond to isolation.

World War II veteran Richard Overton celebrated his 109th birthday with whiskey, cigars, and burgers because…YOLO. Known as the oldest living veteran in America, Overton has been honored by the people of his native state of Texas, President Obama, and veterans from all over the country. He celebrated his birthday on Sunday in Austin with […]

According to a new study, Muslims will globally outnumber Christians by the end of the century. The report also shows that within the United States, the amount of individuals who don’t associate with a particular faith will increase. “Demographics are an underappreciated force that is shifting the contours of faith,” said Pew demographer Conrad Hackett, who […]

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President Obama met on Wednesday with  the secretary of Veterans’ Affairs to receive an update on allegations of misconduct at the agency’s hospitals, according to White House officials. The New York Times reports: The meeting comes as the administration is intensifying its response to the building political furor about reports that government workers falsified data […]