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African-American veterans are finally starting to get the recognition and praise that they deserve for putting their lives on the line to fight for our country. Buffalo, New York, is slated to become the first city in the nation to have a monument in memoriam of Black soldiers, WKBW reported.

The monument will honor African-Americans who served in different divisions of the military; paying homage to those who fought in 12 wars, the news outlet writes. The project, which was revealed on Veteran’s Day last year, is being funded by a $600,000 grant from the state of New York. The committee that is spearheading the project will continue to run a fundraising campaign. All of those involved in bringing the project to fruition are excited and proud. Local leaders noted that the recognition of Black veterans is long overdue.

“The committee has worked tirelessly to develop the plans for the African American Veterans Monument,” said Warren Galloway, Committee Chair. “This donation is huge and will allow us to begin construction.  We are still in need of additional funding to close the gaps, so we urge the community and both private and public sectors to support its completion.” The project is slated to break ground in the spring.

Different institutions have been putting the focus on African-American veterans. The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., is shedding light on the narratives of Black people who served in the military and their families through a new exhibition. Serving in the military was no easy feat for Black soldiers. Although African American veterans fought for democracy and equality they had their other battles to fight when they returned home from war because they weren’t even seen as equals in their own country. A report released in 2016 by the Equal Justice Initiative titled Lynching in America: Targeting Black Veterans delved into the mistreatment of Black veterans throughout history.


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