Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet is now former Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet since that she has finally resigned following the fallout from an N-word-laced rant caught on a home video that went viral.

Patricia Cornwall, the Karen shown on a viral video attacking another passenger on a Delta flight, compared herself to Rosa Parks after being told to take a seat, according to a federal complaint.

Patricia Cornwall, an anti-mask "Karen" and Delta Air Lines passenger who was shown on video physically attacking at least one passenger during a flight from Tampa to Atlanta last week, is being investigated by the FBI.

A police officer was shown on a viral video employing a violent chokehold on an unidentified man before the cop pulled out his gun and aimed it at a mob of angry passengers who were brawling as their flight was delayed at an airport in Miami.

Florida man Adam Jenne recently got himself banned from United Airlines after being booted from a flight for wearing a thong on his face instead of a mask in protest of mask mandates on flights. He later compared his plight to Rosa Parks'.

The son of a suspected white supremacist Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet in Louisiana who starred in a home video showing the family repeatedly using the N-word has been revealed to be anti-mask amid reports his disgraced mother has stepped away from the bench -- but not resigned. 

Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet is asking for “understanding, forgiveness, patience, and prayers” for her and her son amid mounting calls for her resignation prompted by video showing her family members freely using the N-word.

We can't just sit back and let the caucasified youth end up like this. Something has to be done for their own good and for the good of humanity. Also, so Black people don't end up getting arrested or worse for f***ing them up.

A recent video posted to Tik Tok shows a Black man being pinned to his car by a bunch of police officers while the woman recording the video is heard aggressively explaining to the cops that they have the wrong guy and it was actually a couple of white men who accosted the Black man they decided to go after.

A viral video showing white math teacher Candice Reed in her Riverside, California high school's classroom mocking Native Americans and performing a dance in front of students was widely criticized as being culturally disrespectful.

In a viral video posted to TikTok and Twitter, a "Karen" with a microphone can be seen arguing with a flight attendant and other passengers as she explains that the "pandemic started all because humans had lost a little bit of faith."

When police officers in Dayton, Ohio, moved to forcibly remove Clifford Owensby from his car so they could have a K9 unit perform what the department calls a “free air sniff,” they had been informed repeatedly that he was disabled, but that didn't stop them from dragging him from his car by his hair.