People are ready for Indigenous People's Day to be established instead.

An incident that occurred nearly three months ago goes viral.


Viral videos show that gender doesn't matter when it comes to racial profiling.


Old video footage of a violent arrest of a Black woman in 2018 has gone viral and the police chief overseeing it made sure everyone knows he approves of the "neck restraint" used, even if his department can't use them.


Anthony Brennan III, the bicyclist who was recorded on video attacking teenagers in Maryland for putting up posters to raise awareness about George Floyd's killing has been arrested and fired from his job.

The graphic clip of Patrick Carroll sparks outrage.


Video of unfortunate police encounters has seemingly proliferated since footage of George Floyd's death went viral.

Folks also air their frustration that it shouldn't take a celebrity to deescalate the police.

The man has been fighting for human rights for decades.

"Karen" receives backlash for calling the cops on Cooper after he told her that her dog should be on a leash.