President Obama on Monday chided Senate Republicans for engaging in “pure partisan politics’’by blocking a bill that would offer tax breaks and ease credit to small businesses, and said the measure was necessary to boost hiring and economic growth.

Barack Obama was “incredulous” at what he was hearing, said one of his top economic advisers. The president had spent his first year in office overseeing the biggest government bailout of the financial industry in American history. Together with Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, he had kept Wall Street afloat on a trillion-dollar tide of […]

This Wednesday, our NewsOne correspondent Casey Gane-McCalla will be at the White House with other members of the Black media to find out how “Wall Street reform affects African Americans.”

The title of the bill may be misleading for Main Street people, but the landmark bill–the most aggressive financial reform bill since the Great Depression–was signed into law today by President Obama. Here’s how it will affect you:

FROM President Obama has signed the toughest set of Wall Street regulations and consumer protections against greedy financial practices since the Great Depression.