A U.S. District Judge rejected Michael Slager’s request, saying that the ex-officer’s actions, not his legal team, garnered the sentence.

The police treatment of suspected triple murderer Matthew Bernard stood in contrast to how cops responded to Walter Scott or any number of other unarmed Black men gunned down by law enforcement.

After news that there will be no charges against the cops who killed Alton Sterling and Kareem Ali Nadir Jones, it makes one wonder what it take for an officer to get convicted for killing a Black man.

North Charleston hires its first Black police chief following the fatal police shooting of Walter Scott.

Sentencing begins on Monday for former North Charleston officer Michael Slager who gunned an unarmed Black man, Water Scott.

Charleston prosecutor says Walter Scott death was murder or manslaughter, transcripts reveal

Former cop Michael T. Slager pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating the civil rights of unarmed motorist Walter Scott, who he fatally shot more than two years ago in North Charleston, South Carolina.

A judge has scheduled the retrial for ex-Charleston cop Michael Slager in the shooting death of Walter Scott for March 1 after a mistrial was declared when a deadlocked jury didn't reach a unanimous decision .

Mainly White-dominated juries have decided police-involved shootings since August 2014. Whites tend to give law enforcement the benefit of any doubt.

"After we looked at the evidence and read the laws, and looked at the things that were presented to us by the judge, we had to come to find out that he didn't do anything malicious," the foreman said.

Scott's shooting marked a defining moment in furthering the national discussion of deadly force used by law enforcement against Black men and women.

The federal judge presiding over the Michael Slager trial ordered the jury to keep working after jurors said they could not come to a consensus.