Things escalated in the discrimination lawsuit between Diddy and Deleon after claims that watermelon tequila was used to target Black consumers.

Nyack Middle School and its vendor, Aramark, apologized for serving fried chicken and watermelon to mark the start of Black History Month.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis was gearing up to offer watermelon salad in the cafeteria for attendees in honor of their Juneteenth Jamboree celebration.

As the country settles in for yet another annual installment of National Watermelon Day, no one seems to know the origin of the succulent fruit's American holiday.


On “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg defended the cartoonist who wondered if Obama has tried the “watermelon toothpaste,” saying that she, in fact, uses watermelon toothpaste and, perhaps, he didn’t realize the implications of pairing a watermelon reference with the image of the first Black president. Rosie Perez, however, didn’t agree. She said, “It never occurred to […]

As millions watched the Winter Olympic Games over the weekend, many  were taken aback when the Jamaican bobsled team took front-and-center sporting helmets with watermelon motifs painted on them. The controversial and insensitive move left many, particularly African-Americans, scratching their heads in wonderment, according to TMZ. RELATED: Russia Kicks Off Sochi Games With Hope And […]