Charles Allen Barnes is mad he's getting death threats after allegedly vowing to "kill me a n*gger."

Jason DeSimas, Jason Stanley, Randy Smith and Daniel Dorson previously each pleaded guilty to one count of committing a hate crime.


On Thursday, five members of a white supremacist gang in Alaska were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Days after it was reported that avowed white supremacist Nick Fuentes met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Republican leadership has been silent.

George's threats came just a few days after the supermarket reopened for the first time since the May shooting.

The gunman who allegedly killed at least 10 people in a supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo left a manifesto espousing "White Replacement Theory," a racist conspiracy theory increasingly popular in far-right and ultra-conservative political circles.

James McLeod, aka Roman McClay - the gunman behind the deadly mass shooting in and around Denver - has been described on social media as a "white supremacist" who also harbored hatred toward women. And the folks making these claims came with receipts.

Despite claiming to disavow racism, Doles was identified as the leader of the America Patriots USA, a white nationalist group based in Dahlonega, Ga. The Southern Poverty Law Center has recognized the group as one of approximately two dozen hate groups operating within the state.  


Some question the wisdom of the incident as it feeds into the right’s obsession with “crisis actors” and claims tragic events are staged.  Others directly challenged the use of Charlottesville as a prop. Local news outlet WVIR reported that Democratic Del. Sally Hudson who represents the area called out the stunt.  

Dusty Leo, a suspected white supremacist convicted of a hate crime in Maine for attacking an unsuspecting Black man and breaking his jaw because of the color of his skin, was given a light prison sentence because the judge said he was "intoxicated" and must have been "brainwashed."

A Saturday shooting that claimed the lives of two Black victims, an Air Force veteran and a retired State Police trooper in Winthrop, Massachusetts, is being investigated as a hate crime

After plotting to steal Nancy Pelosi's laptop during the Jan. 6 insurrection, Riley June Williams is currently enjoying the comforts of her mother's home instead of a jail cell.