White Supremacist

He explains why he left the hate group.

A cop associated with a violent, "Western chauvinists" group still remains on the force.

There are four common misconceptions about mass homicides and who commits them.

Megan Betts, his sister, was the youngest victim of the Dayton shooting.

White supremacist who racially harassed Vermont's sole Black lawmaker online will face no legal consequences.

Two Black people were killed in calculated shootings by a white supremacist on Wednesday in Kentucky before the shooter was taken into custody without incident.

Dov Bechhofer works at a Bronx medical center.

Let's imagine if this happened to be a Black teacher.

Dayanna Volitich was outed as a racist teacher.

Flying while Black can now get you attacked by racists. U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters was asleep on a plane when Holocaust denier Chuck C. Johnson took a photo of her and posted it on social media on Saturday. The photo is disturbing and creepy. See below. Johnson posted the photo to his Facebook page, which was […]

Cult leader Charles Manson whose White supremacist ideology inspired his followers to commit multiple killings died while serving multiple life sentences in prison.

Network Solutions recently shut down Stormfront.org, a white supremacist site operated by x-KKK member Don Black, after hate speech complaints.