A surprising result that came from the 2020 survey showed that 1/3 of Afro-Latinos — that fraction translates to just over 6 million — actually don't identify as Hispanic, instead opting to choose White, Black or even "some other race."


The educator of 20 years says he's been doing the 'icebreaker' for years.


The actor defends white people "that did mean well for us."

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Along came Chris Rock; a guy who was not only funny, but clever as well. His approach to describing race was quick-witted and ingenious.

The Metro Transit Police Department has released a report highlighting the racial disparities among public transit riders in Minneapolis-St. Paul, namely that Black adults are more likely to receive fines than their White counterparts. The data collected by the Metro Transit Police Department focused on the amount of fines given to those who could not pay public transit fares in the […]

An alleged attack on two White men by a group of Black men over a Confederate flag decal could be investigated as a hate crime, Fox2Now reports.

In mid-June when Rachel Dolezal was asked on camera, “Are you African-American?” she was left speechless, hesitant and caught off guard. After claiming to misunderstand what she had been asked, she deflected a clear response. It was a question that wouldn’t normally stupefy a person, unless of course the answer would reveal a web of […]

“Exclusively for white people” stickers appear on six East Austin business. http://t.co/tcE9p1Rwli #Racism #Texas pic.twitter.com/tEl3Xu8oH4 — J. David McSwane (@davidmcswane) March 18, 2015 Police and lawmakers in Texas were outraged on Tuesday after discovering “whites only” stickers were plastered over small business in the East Austin area. The stickers were posted overnight on bakery, bicycle, […]

A terrifying tale about a woman who was raped in the middle of the night turned out to be fake because…racism. A 20-year-old white woman recanted a story Saturday after claiming she was raped in a Brooklyn park by a black man. The alleged victim says she was at Rodney Park North in Williamsburg around 12:15 a.m. when the […]

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I know who my colleagues think I am. I’m pretty sure they’ve accepted me as the lightest Black dude in the office. My job demands that I constantly engage co-workers around racial issues, so I have opportunities to represent my Black experience all the time, which I’m sure gains me some points. But it’s different […]