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A privileged white woman traveler whose flight was diverted from Hawaii downplayed the deadly wildfires because her Maui vacation was canceled, video shows.


The historic buildings and cultural properties of this place will be forever lost. But the stories of Hawaiian sacred places will live on.


Over the past two decades, a staggering 21.8 million Americans found themselves living within 3 miles (5 kilometers) of a large wildfire.


Eminem’s BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle, during which he throws a fist up for Colin Kaepernick and takes some scathing jabs at Trump, is the talk of social media.

Four people were arrested for allegedly posing as victims of the gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, Calif., in an attempt to take advantage of the aid that is being provided to those affected by the disaster, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday. The suspects allegedly submitted applications for driver’s licenses and falsely claimed that […]