While the jury did not find that Boston Public Schools discriminated against him, it did find school officials retaliated against Neal for addressing concerns of workplace discrimination.  

Two white Cincinnati police officers filed a federal lawsuit alleging that they are victims of reverse discrimination.

Black men often find themselves in the position of having to push back against rules that require them to shave.

A federal class action lawsuit alleges racially discriminatory promotion practices in the NYPD’s Intelligence Division.

Researchers examining multiple field experiments, from 1989 to 2015, found that hiring discrimination remains unchanged for Blacks.

The Trump administration threw out an Obama-era rule requiring companies to report wages paid by gender, race and ethnicity.

Bridget Cooks claims the company fired her after she complained about a racially hostile workplace.

Construction company owners felt free to create a racist work environment in the Trump-era, the lawsuit says.

Legal expert Damario Solomon-Simmons says the criminal justice system is not the only place where Blacks face intense discrimination.


A federal jury last week awarded seven workers nearly $15 million in a racial discrimination suit after their bosses reportedly segregated them and called them “lazy, stupid Africans.” The workers took action and refused to become further victimized by a culture steeped in racism. The Denver Post reports: Six of the plaintiffs are Black, many from […]

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Sometimes workplace discrimination can cost taxpayers. Case in point: the recent $68,000 award from a discrimination claim by a black social worker against the Hampton, Va. Veterans Administration. EEOC documents indicate the VA declined to hire her for a position because of her blond dreadlocks, even though she was the most qualified candidate. The judge […]