As we recognize World AIDS Day and the start of HIV Awareness Month, we reflect on the lives of notable Black figures we lost.


Here are a few of the many organizations on the frontlines of helping BIPOC communities affected by HIV.

Young Black people are much more “concerned” about the global HIV and AIDS epidemic in comparison to all other demographic in America, according to a new study.

Knowing your status increases your chances for a longer, healthier life.

World AIDS Day, which began in 1988, is observed on December 1 of each year so that folks around the globe can unite in their support for those who are living with the HIV virus, as well as remembering those who lost their battle with AIDS.  Even though an AIDS-free generation is within reach—with the tremendous advances in the areas of research […]

As millions of people around the globe observed World AIDS Day on Sunday, Bishop T.D. Jakes (pictured) and his Potter’s House megachurch, provided free HIV testing to throngs of Dallas residents.  Jakes wanted to get the much-needed message across that getting tested is “easy, simple and important,” according to The Christian Post. RELATED:  Adult Film Actress […]

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World’s AIDS Day, which was Dec. 1, may have come and gone. This startling statistic remains a reality, however: African Americans are only 13% of the U.S. population, but account for 44% of HIV infection cases. Activist Rae Lewis-Thorton spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the problem. “There’s a need for continued national conversation,” Lewis-Thorton said. “Unfortunately, when […]


On the eve of the 25th World AIDS Day, President Barack Obama expressed hope, proclaiming that an “AIDS-free generation is within our reach.” RELATED:  Young Gay, Bisexual Black Males Hit Hardest By HIV Infection CDC Spokesman Looks To Stop Infection With Personal AIDS Story On National Black HIV/AID Day “Each year on World AIDS Day, […]

Community Heroes: an in-depth series on the lives and impact of people giving back to our global communities. Nana Eyeson Akiwowo Age: 36 Place of Residence: New York, N.Y. Why she is a Community Hero: Akiwowo helps to provide adequate health care in her parents’ homeland of Ghana via her African Health Now NGO. Although Nana […]

In his 2005 hit, “Heard Em’ Say,” Kanye West rhymed: “And I know the government administered AIDS/ So I guess we just pray like the minister say.” Kanye’s not the only black person who believes the Feds are behind this devastating disease. The Rand Corporation reported in a study that, of the 500 black participants […]

President Obama pledged to help 6 million people in countries hardest hit by HIV, by helping to provide greater access to antiretroviral drugs by the end of 2013 during a World AIDS Day event in Washington, The Daily Beast reports. RELATED: AIDS DAY Powerfully Personal for Larger-Than-Life Alvin Ailey During his remarks, Obama stressed that […]

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia-area teen says he was denied admission to the private boarding school supported by the Hershey chocolate company because he’s HIV-positive.