World Cup 2014

Here’s a look at how fans are showing pride in their teams during the 2014 World Cup games.

There is indeed a mystique and allure to the women of Brazil, but ever since the arrival of 600,000 foreign visitors to the 2014 World Cup, many are saying they don’t appreciate the attention the aforementioned visitors are bringing. RELATED: In Brazil, Racism Against Afro-Brazilians Persists Since the start of the Cup, the overwhelmingly male crowds […]

“He just called me nigga!” says Obi. “Did you hear? He just called me nigga.” “He” is the White hot dog vendor who has, in fact, just called Obi “nigga” – or “negao” in Portuguese – to tell him that his hot dog is ready and that he needs to come and get it. This […]