A Halloween segment on WTKR Channel 3 in Virginia turned into a hairy situation when one of the anchor’s mentioned what he thought to be a weave on his co-anchor’s head. A white male anchor called out his Black co-anchor on her “beautiful weave,” to which the woman responded that her hair is real. See […]

After news station KPHO first reported on teen girls use of alcohol soaked tampons to get drunk, several news outlets have questioned the report. Some have called the report a continuation of an urban myth, but KPHO stands by their story and Reason Magazine has found several cases of vodka soaked tampons. See also: Is Casper […]

From China to New York, place your bets! Tie the knot! Make a wish! Friday marked the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011. Around the world, people celebrated the triple convergence of 11s with a splash. Some 1,000 ethnic Chinese couples exchanged vows across Malaysia on a date viewed as auspicious and romantic. […]

Canadian doctors discovered what appeared to be the image of a man’s face in agony after an ultrasound was conducted on the testicles of a 45-year-old paraplegic man. See also: Can Mushrooms Help the Immune System Fight Cancer? See also: Toronto: He’s Eclectic “It was very ghoulish, like a man screaming in pain,” Dr. Naji Touma of […]

A 16-foot Burmese python was captured in South Florida with a surprise inside for those who captured it. When the men who captured the snake cut it open, they found a fully intact deer. The snake was said to have bitten the deer and collapsed him under his weight. The snake was the largest ever […]

TAMPA — A Tampa, Florida entertainment company named Hood-Lynked Entertainment is promoting “Da First Eva Coon-O-Ween Party.” While the party seems to have been created by an African American company for African American club-goers, the term “coon” is considered a racial slur. It is not clear why the party is called “Coon-O-Ween” other that the […]

A woman who appeared on Dr. Drew’s television show recently revealed a sexual fetish technique that she says drive men crazy. “Massive Mocha” says that men ask her to sit on them until they feel they are going to pass out from loss of breath in an act called “Squashing.” They then tap her and […]

Sex crimes are not limited to the Catholic church. If you believe that only Catholic priests are committing heinous sexual abuse and assaults you are misguided. Sexual assaults of minors has absolutely nothing to do with celibacy! Bishop Long Gets Bold & Sues His Accusers Lawyers The following cases are not the exceptions. They are […]

A Memphis man was arrested after witnesses said he had sex with a dog in their neighbor’s backyard. Kimberly Lawson has been charged with criminal offense against an animal. According to a police report, neighbors in the 600 block of Lucy Street called police Saturday morning to report a man in their neighbor’s yard having […]

NEWPORT, Pa.— A married couple was injured early Monday when a bear followed the family dog into their rural central Pennsylvania home and went on the attack, state Game Commission officials said. Rich and Angie Moyer suffered back and leg injuries, respectively, but they weren’t considered life-threatening, said Rich Moyer’s mother, Leeann Moyer. Their 10-year-old […]

NEW YORK — Lordtyshon Garrett was sentenced to six months in jail for beating his mother-in-law’s cat Madea to death with an umbrella. Garrett was convicted of animal cruelty and was also given five years probation. Police Say Man Asked Cop For Angel Dust, Then Bit Police Dog Man Gets 4 Months In Jail For […]

Two British men were sentenced to two years in prison for burning a man’s genitals with a hair straightening iron. Christopher Lilley and Richard Johnson admitted that they attacked Antony Dabbs, 18, in March over a drug debt. Dabbs moved away from the area and says he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder following the […]