Will the real Rachel Dolezal please stand up?

News broke yesterday that Rachel Dolezal, president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter, has been misidentifying herself as an African-American woman.

After claiming she was the victim of a hate crime, Rachel’s identity came under fire while being interviewed for a local newscast.

According to Rachel’s birth parents Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal, Rachel is not an African-American woman and has been “disguising” herself as Black for years now.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Rachel’s mother said:

“Rachel is a master artist she can disguise herself & make her appearance of any ethnicity. She could accomplish the work that she set out to do in the beginning by being herself…by being a white woman who’s an advocate for African-Americans.”

We’re going to set the record straight with a few facts released by Rachel’s parents. Here is everything we know about Rachel Dolezal so far.

1.  Rachel Dolezal grew up in Troy, Montana. She is 37 years old.

2. Between 1993 and 1995, Rachel’s parents adopted four Black children.

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I think it is fear that is causing the most outrage. I think we as black people have seen so many documented covert operations including crack epidemic, HIV, political murders, the Tuskegee project, gentrification etc etc etc. That when an organization that has already lost the trust of many black people has this come out, it seems like a another covert op against black people. Not one thing has come out to show that she has had any intentions to hurt the NAACP or to slow down the progress of black people. But we as a people are so skeptical now, that the outrage makes sense. When something that we can't explain occurs, then we look for the worst answer and go with it. It is human nature. I never judge without all the facts. I will not make up facts for some bloodlust against another race. When the truth in degrees come out, I will make my true opinion. #racheldolezal #passingforblack

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3. The young Black man Rachel’s claiming to be her “son” is actually her adopted brother.

4. The Black man Rachel’s been claiming as her father is actually Albert Wilkerson, who volunteered at the Human Rights Education Institute with her in North Idaho. 

5. Rachel once told the media she lived in South Africa and Colorado, and her father hunted meat with a bow and arrow. According to her father, all of that information is a lie. 

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Welp #nochill #racheldolezal

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6. According to Rachel, while living in South Africa, her parents would punish her and her siblings using a baboon whip. Both Ruthanne and Larry staunchly deny those claims and say they’ve never beaten Rachel, their adoptive children, or lived in South Africa. 

7. Rachel’s story became suspicious to local media when she claimed she was receiving hate mail. According to the post office and police, there was no evidence that supported her claims of a hate crime and none of the letters had postage stamps on them. Instead, these alleged hate letters were placed in a P.O. Box, which required a key for entry.

8. While living in North Idaho, Rachel filed a police report claiming her brother found a noose hanging from her carport. 

9. When pressed by the media, Rachel said she would take a DNA test proving her African-American roots.

10. In a recent interview, Rachel said she didn’t want to be referred to as African-American. Instead, she preferred to be identified as Black.

11. In high school, Rachel was the co-valedictorian.

12. According to her father, Rachel is highly-educated. She has a bachelors from Belhaven College and a Master’s of Fine Arts from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

13. On her NAACP application, Rachel indicated she was Black, Native American, and White. 

SOURCE: CDAPress, The Guardian  | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, VINE

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