Since the launch of Youtube, user-generated original videos have taken the Internet by storm from babies performing tricks, to politicians caught saying or acting inappropriately, to what we are writing about in this piece — public transportation fights. Below you will find some of the funniest, yet saddest moments that our society has offered us […]

Like our Facebook page In our continuing series highlighting the best viral fight videos to hit the Internet, we take a look at some of the fight videos that have gone viral that took place in fast-food joints. Take a look at the list and let us know if you agree or disagree, and if […]

NEW YORK — A fugitive from upstate New York who taunted police on his Facebook page to `catch me if you can. I’m in Brooklyn’ has been arrested. The Daily News says U.S. marshals and NYPD detectives tracked Victor Burgos down to an apartment in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood Monday night, sitting at his computer with […]

LOS ANGELES–A crazed woman reportedly grabbed a stranger’s baby from out of a stroller, slammed the infant into a pole and tried to break the baby’s arm off so that she could eat it. The infant’s mother and aunt fought off the suspect Natasha Hubbard, until she fled. With the help of witnesses, the police […]

VIRGINIA — A  serial “butt slasher” is on the loose in Virginia and has reportedly slashed at least five women. According to the recounts of victims, the man usually attacks after a distraction such as clothes falling off a rack. Afterwards, the attacker calmly walks away without drawing attention to himself. Huffington Post Reports: A […]

Swinging for Jesus! A Dallas, Tx., club is being sued by the city for operating as an after-hours swingers club in a location marked for occupancy by a church. The Playground, a swingers club that also operates as a church according to its owner, Glenn Hudson, is being sued for operating without a license for […]

OKLAHOMA — Just when you thought having the same name as Casey Anthony was dangerous, 26-year-old Sammay Blackwell in Oklahoma said a crazed woman rammed her car, which caused it to flip over, because she believed she was Casey Anthony. Blackwell said Shireen Nalley entered her job at a convenience store and began eyeing her […]

Numerous people in Houston are claiming to have spotted the mythical creature, the Chupacabra, in the mountains. The mysterious mythical creature was believed to be a predator that eats goats and other livestock in Latin America. Last year scientists reported that the Chupacabra is merely a parasite-infested coyote that lost it’s fur. Linda, a retired […]

In light of NBA star Ron Artest’s recent decision to change his name to “Metta World Peace,” The Daily Beast compiled a gallery/list of the craziest celebrity name changes. The list includes some notable celebrities involved in name switch a roos, such as Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who changed his last name in 2008 and later […]

A Dutch man built a modern day Noah’s Ark after he had a dream that the world was going to end. Johan Huibers, head of a construction company in Holland, said he started work on the 100 yard ship 3 years ago. “I dreamed that a part of Holland was flooded,” Huibers told the “Today” […]

Have you noticed wrinkles developing on your neck from looking down to type on your Blackberry? Well, there’s a new facial treatment for Blackberry users who have seen their necks age since they purchased the device. The treatment for the condition now called “Blackberry Neck,” is offered at a New York spa. Read more at […]

An enterprising San Diego man, Charlie Boghosian, has created the next big treat for the county fair: the deep fried Kool-Aid ball. Mixing flour, water, and Kool-Aid for the batter, Boghosian’s invention is the newest thing in fried junk food. Huffington Post reports: In the first weekend of the San Diego County Fair, Boghosian sold […]