Man of the cloth, Pastor George Hunley (pictured) of Louisa, Virginia, was cuffed by police and charged with making false statements.  The good reverend claimed that he was shot and robbed by an interracial couple–a black male and a white female–who had an infant in the rear seat of their vehicle, after he spotted them on […]


Dorian Walker-Gaines (pictured left), 20, and Dillian Thompson (pictured), 22, of Houston, Texas, were arrested Tuesday, after allegedly stealing an iPad and then taking celebratory selfies that were automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account, according to the Smoking Gun, citing court documents. The pair further exacerbated the problem by posting a video on Facebook, […]

Naasira Muhammad (pictured) is fed up with her two disrespectful teen girls, so she decided to spare the rod and instead, went on strike to protest attitudes that she is fed up with entirely, according to WFMY. The incident that set off the Winston-Salem, North Carolina mom was when one of her girls keyed her brand new […]

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It’s WTH?! Thursday on “NewsOne Now.” Roland Martin, entertainment blogger Natasha Eubanks and talk show host Eddie Kayne break down all of this week’s insanity in the news. This week’s list of madness begins with a son taking his dead mother via cab to the bank to make a withdrawal of $850 several hours before reporting her deceased. Atlanta college student, Brittany Swift, […]

The state of Michigan has ordered Carnell Alexander (pictured) to pay child support or face jail time, but the irony is that the child in question is not even his, according to ABC News. SEE ALSO: High School Coach Arrested For Biting Fellow Colleague Alexander reportedly owes the state some $30,000 in back child support payments. The Detroit […]

Georgia’s South Cobb High School basketball coach, Melonie Martin (pictured) was arrested and charged with simple battery and terroristic threats for allegedly biting and threatening the life of a fellow coach, according to WSB-TV. SEE ALSO: S.C. Man Used Taxi As Getaway After Alleged Bank Robbery Martin and fellow coach Tyrone Harris were reportedly at […]

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Darrell Lee Daniels, a Columbia, S.C., man (pictured) just received a gold star in the annals of bad criminal decisions, after calling a taxi to escape an alleged bank robbery, according to WLTX 19 television. RELATED: Man Cited For DWE: Driving While Eating [VIDEO] Police say a 37-year-old man walked in to a busy downtown […]

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It’s WTH?! Thursday on “NewsOne Now.” Roland Martin, Kittie Kaboom and Tony Redz  take a look at all of this week’s crazy stories in the news. Our list of insanity includes a man who was cited for DWE (Driving While Eating), a 5-year-old received a $24 bill from a friend’s parents for missing a birthday party and […]

Imagine Chiquita Hanley’s (pictured) horror at seeing a surveillance video of her 11-year-old son, Ravon, being choked by one of his teachers in the cafeteria of his DeKalb County, Ga., elementary school. Hanley’s nightmarish incident, which took place on May 22, reportedly occurred because the teacher, Stephanie Fleet, claims she was defending herself against the child who […]

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Radio personality Deja Perez and Digital Correspondent, MissterRAY joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for this week’s installment of WTH?! Thursday. This week’s list of crazy and insane stories include: a reptile store owner slapping his employees with bearded dragon lizards; the ex-wife of an oil executive turns down a billion dollar divorce settlement because it’s not […]

Officer Darryl Jouett (pictured) of the Erlanger, Kentucky, Police Department was out to dinner with his wife in Cincinnati when a freak accident occurred. While in an elevator, he tried to adjust the .40 caliber semi-automatic weapon in his holster and it suddenly discharged.  The bullet bounced off an elevator wall, then circled back, lodging in […]

Republican Oklahoma state Senator Don Barrington is pushing an amendment that will ban people from wearing clothing that conceals their faces in public including hooded sweatshirts, according to KCTV. SEE ALSO: Madonna Once Again Plays The Race Card Oklahoma currently has a law in its books that prohibits anyone from sporting a “mask, hood, or covering that hides the identity of […]