As countless police officers continue to negatively objectify Black men, the case of prominent Hollywood producer Charles Belk (pictured) is a shining example of how out of control the situation has become. Belk was reportedly leaving an L.A. eatery last Friday, when he was suddenly swarmed by six Beverly Hills police cruisers and the then […]


Was Jesean Morris being a benevolent fugitive or just not using his brain? It seems the  20-year-old Omaha man — who was wanted for violating terms of his parole — just couldn’t resist Facebook’s latest trend: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Police used video of Morris accepting the challenge to  figure out exactly where he was, adding his […]


  The Atlanta school district wants to remove a sixth grade teacher for playing Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” in class, but that’s the least of her alleged failings. “This song is not [in] alignment with Teacher Keys Standard 9, Professionalism,” read a a district document outlining the charges against the teacher, Nikki Turner. “This song contained profanity, vulgarity, […]


Remember the Texas teen who was too rich to go to jail after killing four people? Well, his dad was recently arrested for impersonating a cop. According to the Dallas Morning News, Fred Couch, the father of “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch, is facing criminal charges following an arrest Tuesday for falsely identifying himself as a police officer. […]

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Roland Martin, Traci Braxton and Natasha Eubanks chop up this week’s craziest stories on “WTH?! Thursday.” This week’s crazy list of stores include a woman beating a flight attendant crew with her prosthetic leg, a pale, bowlegged, knobby-kneed bank robber, a teacher turns it all the way up for school and is found drunk and […]

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Kanye West is accused of beating a photographer and smashing his camera. During his deposition, Kanye compared the plight of celebrities to the fight for civil rights in the ‘60s. To read a full account of Kanye’s very interesting comparison of celebrities running from paparazzi to civil rights activists fighting for equality visit TMZ.

Chavonda Gallman (pictured) is a prime example of a mama who does not play! According to The Smoking Gun, the Spartanburg, South Carolina, resident reportedly summoned the sheriff’s department after discovering her 15-year-old son viewing pornography on her living room television. As detailed in the sheriff’s report, the teen boy was in his bedroom when his 40-year-old […]


Black Enterprise compiled some of the craziest #WarOnWhites Tweets found on Twitter. Watch the video to see some of the wildest ones. To read the entire list of the craziest #WarOnWhites tweets visit


(HOUSTON) — A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but a plastic bag full of sugar may get two northwest Houston people…

  Blogger/radio personality Kittie Kaboom and DJ Flava joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for this week’s edition of WTH?! Thursday.” This week’s WTH stories included a priest in Poland complaining about getting text messages from the devil, a sexting Detroit judge, a vanishing pastor and a father sucker punching a guy ogling his daughter. Yep, it’s […]


If you’re a fan of DMX’s music, it’s hard to watch him screaming on an amusement park ride and not hear his distinct voice on a track. That said, the rapper visited the Magical Midway amusement park in Orlando recently and took a, clearly, terrifying ride on its Sling Shot ride. Somehow, TMZ got its hands on footage from […]

Why is Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather suing talk show maven Oprah Winfrey and Starbucks for discrimination and harassment to the tune of $15 million? Well, the man claims that the tea bearing Oprah’s name and sold at the famed coffee chain was not only laced with heroin but Ambien and hallucinogens as well, according to TMZ. SEE […]