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kyam livingston updateMedical and hospital records exclusively obtained by NewsOne bring into question reported facts surrounding the Kyam Livingston case. The documents contradict official news and NYPD reports regarding Livingston’s alcohol intake, her treatment in police custody and dying en-route to a hospital.

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Initially, media outlets cited Livingston as having drunk Vodka as she argued with her grandmother on July 20, 2013 (The New York Daily News referred to her as a “drunken woman.”) According to her grandmother, Livingston violated a court order of protection by drinking alcohol in her apartment that night, reportedly becoming violent and prompting the grandmother to call authorities.

And indeed, per the official criminal complaint, “informant observed the defendant to have slurred speech and an unsteady gait, and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.”Livingston was taken to Kings County Hospital Center after her arrest for “apparent intoxication.”

Even the Chief Medical Examiner cited Livington’s cause of death as a “seizure complicating chronic alcoholism.” (This is not the Examiner saying Livingston died from being drunk, just that her liver had a condition common in alcoholics.)

However, her Kings County Chart Review Print does not note any blood or urine samples or even a breathalyzer test as having been taken upon intake.

Information on the second page also brings Livingston’s treatment under custody into question. Per dispatch instructions to NYPD officers, they were to “get prompt medical attention if any of the following occur:”

Severe shakiness or seizure (convulsion).

-Fever over 100.4 F.

-Confusion or hallucinations (seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not there).

Increasing upper abdominal pain.

-Repeated vomiting or vomiting blood.

According to Aleah Holland, Livingston’s cellmate at Brooklyn Central Bookings, officers did the exact opposite as she complained of stomach pains and diarrhea. Holland claims when she and other inmates began yelling for help, one officer told Livingston, “Shut up before we lose your paper work and you won’t be seen by a judge.” Reportedly, she was left in pain for over seven hours before her death.

Barring any additional documents, Livingston’s toxicology report proves she was sober before her death.

Aside from 5 mg’s of caffeine and 20 mg’s of glucose, Livingston’s blood and urine showed no signs of ethanol, basic drugs or any methamphetamines in her system.

But perhaps the most jarring document questions the NYPD’s official statement on Kyam’s death. Correspondence between the family’s lawyer and Brooklyn Hospital Center-where Livingston was reportedly declared dead-does not add up.

Per a letter the attorney sent to the hospital, “We are writing to request a copy of your ambulance call report, medical records documenting any treatment rendered to Ms. Livingston, and an itemized bill for services rendered.”

The Hospital’s response is alarming:

“We are unable to comply with your request at this time for the following reason(s): We show no treatment at this facility for the dates of service you requested.”

With each document, more questions are raised than answered. How did media reports about Kyam discuss her as having been drunk when her toxicology reports proved otherwise?  Why did the NYPD reportedly ignore Kyam’s hospital dispatch instructions? And what did happen to her body in between her passing and her showing up at a morgue, if Brooklyn Hospital says they have no records for her?

Livingston’s criminal complaint does not even mention her breaking two remote controls and two tables, another widely reported claim against her.

“I see it as a prime example of how this government system manipulates the truth, in order for them to justify their reason why these crimes are committed underneath their watch,” said Jose LaSalle, a longtime N.Y.C. civil activist, about the documents.

“This just shows that there’s no transparency and that as long as the people in the community are not involved with what’s really happening within these institutions, they [police] could murder, assault, criminalize anybody. And no one, outside of these walls will be able to contend with that.”

The NYPD did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

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