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From the New York Times:

PARIS, Tex. — The killing of Brandon McClelland, though horrible, never fit the classic description of a lynching. The police say two friends ran him over with a pickup truck after an argument during a night of drinking.

His mother, Jacqueline, says the investigation into his death was shoddy.

But Mr. McClelland was black and the men accused of killing him are white, and his gruesome death has reignited ugly feelings between races that have plagued this small town for generations, going back to the days 100 years ago when it was the scene of brutal public lynchings.

Blacks complain that the justice system is tilted against them; whites complain about the crime, teenage pregnancy and drug use ravaging black neighborhoods.

“I think we are probably stuck in 1930 right about now,” said Brenda Cherry, who is black and is the founder of Concerned Citizens for Racial Equality. “If you complain about anything, you are going to be punished.”

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