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Presidents are fair game for satire. Lord knows George W. Bush inspired his share of vicious humor. So did Nixon and Clinton.

Most presidents are lampooned for what they’ve DONE. It’s rare to see them mocked for who they ARE. Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. Kennedy was a Catholic. Barack Obama is Black. Start making fun of something that’s integral to someone’s being, and you’re on shaky ground.

We’ve already seen our share of racist anti-Obama humor — the “can you really call it the White House” t-shirts, the over-the-line cartoons, the “Barack The Magic Negro” songs.

Enter Hoboken, New Jersey greeting card company “Noble Works,” who are selling their new line of Obama-themed greeting cards. The cards seem geared not towards Obama fans, but Obama haters. “St. Obama The Chosen One,” reads one card. “This is my Mount Rushmore Pose,” says another. And while some of these cards play on the tension between the existence of a sitting Black president and continued racism (like: “Sorry I’m Late. I Couldn’t Get A Cab”), others may be borderline: (“President: Now Available In Black”).

Some white Americans continue to struggle with how to properly conduct themselves in a multi-cultural society, which means that we’re going to continue to get humor like this for a while — not really all that funny, not really all that free of racism.

What’s your opinion? Are these hilariously edgy, or innocently over-the-line, or borderline racist?