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BP Member Rosko_24_7 says, “The recent issue with the NY Post and their cartoon was just the tip of the iceberg. Racism is rampant in the US and all over the world. We need to stand up against it.”

To add your name to the Member Petition Against Racism (NY Post Chimp/Stimulus Cartoon) click here. For our editorial on the NY Post Cartoon situation click here. For the latest updates on this controversy click here. To add your comments and on the situation click here.

David Peart

I support this petition because the time has long come to say enough. It has never been acceptable to engage in this sort of blatant disrespect, but it does appear that there is an element out there who believes that they deserve a free pass on such behavior. They are wrong, and maybe the now unfortunate necessity of this papers demise will educate the last stubborn vestiges of such bigoted ignorance that their lack of self control is not a birthright the nation are obligated to endure absent rebuke.

Yvonne Jackson

The placement of the cartoon is irrelevant. The simple fact that it is a chimp and it references the “stimulus bill” identifies the chimp as Obama. Together with the long history racist of equating black people with animals makes the cartoon utterly inexcusable as merely “free speech.” It is hate speech plain and simple, so full of hate in fact that its author fails to realize that it doesn’t even rise to cleverness.

Shani Porter

I support this petition to fullest because the cartoon made me very sick to my stomach. Also it made me very disturbed by people having the audacity of publishing this racist drawing. If it was any other president, this picture would’ve never been created.

Gary Shaw

I support this petition. I suggest also that we boycott Fox 5 and the NY Post and push for their financial sponsors to yank their support from them.

Malcolm Mccormack

I support this petition.Because the New york Post has being doing this for a Long time & geting away with it… Time to shut them Down.

Lillie May Jackson

I support this petition It’s the same song, different verse, Why can’t we ( Americans) be like children, accepting of everyone!

Richard Packard

I support this petition. I have continued to spread the message about FOX news and the way they have historically treated black people. This is good work. Truly, Rick Packard, Chicago

Carmen Pullen

I support this petition. the idea that something like this still occurs in 2009 is absolutley ridiculous. This needs to stop.

Chicago Rounder

I DO NOT support this petition. I am not offended by the cartoon and believe that the time and energy of Black men and women in this country is better spent on real atrocities such as addressing violence and drugs in our neighborhoods, educating our children and ourselves, and promoting high moral values in our community. A so-called “racist cartoon” is the least of our worries.

W. Parham

I completely support this petition. And would like nothing better then to see The New York Post, The Boston Herald as well as the Fox Network boycotted from now on because this is not the first racist or insensitive comments either of those Newspapers have made and it won’t be the last unless something is done.

Raine Stefens

I support this petition. This is not acceptable for a brighter future. Let these hurtful hateful thoughts go. Thing about racists is that if they got their way and all other races disappered … they would start killing each other off

C. Henderson

I support this petition and the view that the cartoon may have been created with different intent then received BUT I do not accept the cartoon. The cartoon by itself is acceptable. The words by itself is acceptable. Placing them together is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Blackman Whoaint Bitter

This is coming from a black man… Get over it! Nothing is worse than black people who have no clue of what those before them went through, getting on their high “dats racist” horse every time they sense a HINT of racism. If you ever expect things to get better in this country, you need to start being part of the solution, and not part of the problem!


I support this petition. I am totally outraged with this cartoon. There is no way the post can clean this up, it pure unadulterated racism.

Terrance Perry

I support this petition. After all the comradery that was displayed at the signing in of our new president. It shows that ignorance is still ramped in our country. It goes to show that we still have a long way to go, when people can still get away with showing racism in a public venue. Im very dissappointed in but not angry. I still expect this behavior from some people.

Maurice Russell

I support this petition.I can’t believe that anyone would think this is funny. Shame on anyone who does. Blacks, Whites, Asia,Hispanics, and everyone else voted Obama in..Not just one race. People Grow UP!!!!!

shawn white

I support this petition.And further decry the notion that an apology is enough.Fire those involved or shut them down enough is enough.



Destiny N

I support this petition. That is a nasty message to the young people and to everyone out there that sees this. There was no need for this cartoon. If the creator wanted a significance to the actual chimp that got shot, he should not have added that specific quote. Adding the quote is what made it racist, and i am white.

James Modeste

I support this petition in its scope. My outrage extends to the mainstream media that considers this type of freedom of speech acceptable.

Sterling Williams

I support this petition. In light of the fact that President Obama just signed the stimulus bill I find it to be of very poor taste and not funny at all with the inferences that can be drawn from the comments in the caption.

Devon Dassaw

I support this petition because the time is now for a major change on race across this entire country. Accept the diversity or get out. Remember your ancestors are mixed with black, white, latin roots, and more.

Amirah Wint

I support this petition and feel very outraged and hurt by the ignorance we as a Black people have to face. There is a fine line between “freedom of speech” and hatred. The NY Post definitely crossed it.

David Ortez

I support this petition. This is a racially charged cartoon aimed directly at president Barrack Obama and African-Americans everywhere. There is no way to justify this the image drawn by the racist N.Y Post and we will not stand for it. A public apology is in order by all parties involved in this disgusting show of bigotry. There is a thin line between freedom of speech and prejudice…and has been crossed.

Ivan Gainous

I support this petition. That cartoon is apalling and insensitive. It shows the underlying thoughts of some people’s prejudice and hatred.

Alysia Orengo

I support this petition. I can’t believe this type of behavior and to think a newspaper actually allowed this to be printed. Are you kidding me?

avonia taylor

I support this petition. Not only is the said cartoon a disgrace to President Obama the said cartoon is a disgrace towards the entire country. If a News paper company can disrespect our president so the world can see, other people outside the U.S can feel the exact same way, but possibly go further with their hate. America is suppose to be the Land of the free and the home of the brave , but the only thing i see within the post and others since the election is that they’re free to say whatever and brave to do it without any care. With that being said I as a young female feel we should do the same, but in a classy and a well manner as when Our President ran for Office. There I am more than grateful I was able to take part in signing this petition. Yes we can, Yes we did, and Yes we’ll rise!!!!!