It’s patronizing to say this is a step in the right direction when some roads have landmines.

He references honors the food company has received from Barack and Michelle Obama.

After Waffle House defended the violent arrest of a Black women, there have been muted calls for a boycott, unlike with Starbucks.

The company released an apology.

NAACP state chapter President Rod Chapel issued the declaration on Monday, and cites a new bill, which will make it more difficult to sue for housing or employment discrimination.

B.J. Murphy discusses the latest developments on the ground in Charlotte following a night of unrest.

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now took one last look back at the year that was with the NewsOne Now Memorable Moments Special. Check out a few of those moments below. Controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Talks Black Lives Matter, Racist Cops, & More In a highly contested and confrontational interview, Roland Martin, host of TV One’s […]

Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down with TV One’s Roland Martin for an exclusive hour-long interview on NewsOne Now to discuss the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March and the upcoming Justice Or Else rally slated to take place on October 10th, 2015. During the one-hour exclusive, Min. Farrakhan discussed the meaning of the Justice Or […]

After over a decade of seclusion from South Carolina, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has decided to break their economic boycott of the state, Huffington Post reports. The group made its announcement on Saturday, 24 hours after the flag was officially removed from South Carolina’s State grounds. Calling it an “emergency resolution,” the […]

Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now,” talked with Carmen Ejogo about her role as Coretta Scott King in the Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic “Selma” during a recent press event. Martin told Ejogo that many people described Mrs. King as a “rose in a fisted glove” and in “Selma” there were moments when Ejongo had to […]