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President Obama attempted to silence the birther movement, now being malevolently led by Donald Trump, by producing his original long form birth certificate. Citing the obvious fact that “[w]e do not have time for this kind of silliness,” the harried president produced what the birthers have been crying for for almost two years.  Should be a case closed, right?

Actually, wrong. No Drama Obama, by taking his typically logical route, has just given his enemies enough fodder to fuel their entire fight against his 2012 campaign. By producing a copy of his long form birth certificate, President Obama has emboldened Donald Trump and his cohorts to go for their own version of perverted glory. Through revealing his long form birth certificate when he did, President Obama unfortunately puffed up The Donald’s illusory sense of power – to the point that Trump’s followers are now eager to push past the next boundary of reasonable behavior.

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In response to Obama’s gracious capitulation, Trump’s head could not have gotten any bigger. Donald called the dubious accomplishment of wasting President Obama’s time an “honor,” telling reporters in New Hampshire that the president “should have done it a long time ago.” Apparently being:

1. The talking head star of a reality TV show full of power-hungry has beens,

2. A producer of a line of ties at Macy’s, and

3. The promoter of direct delivery meat cutlets

Makes Donald Trump believe he is qualified to tell our president what to do, when. And his hangers on are following suit. According to Think Progress, close Trump advisor Joseph Farah wrote of the release of the long form birth certificate: “It would be a big mistake for everyone to jump to a conclusion now based on the release of this document, which raises as many questions [as] it answers.” And the questions? The man who has Donald Trump’s ear demands intimate knowledge of Obama’s “parentage, his adoption [and] his citizenship status throughout his life.” His adoption? Really? If Farah had to document his own citizen status “throughout his life,” he like most of us would probably be deported as well. And now Trump is demanding that Obama release his college records, claiming that if he did as great as he said he did, he should have no problem producing these validating documents as well.

And that is where the obvious issue lies.  Being an African-American automatically invalidates President Obama in the eyes of many, who grow more creative in their conspiracy theories every day to soothe their hatred over being successfully led by a black man. Case closed. The birthers’ demands for validating “proof” will never end. Now in their minds, President Obama has validated their stream of constant requests by honoring just one. This was a huge mistake.

The president may have released his long form birth certificate because he was “bemused” by the birthers – but to these people this is no joke. In their blind hate, they will seriously follow a similarly blind man like Donald Trump, who sees nothing but the greater potential of his own fame. With Obama’s validation placing him on a pedestal, Donald Trump will lead these blind birthers right into the flames he is fanning, becoming a powerful weapon of mass distraction. Donald Trump will distract the American people from the real issues affecting their lives, which President Obama is trying to dedicate his life to patiently addressing. With Obama and his former colleagues talking back to this insane man, how will he have the time?

Obama told reporters on Wednesday: “Normally I would not comment on something like this.” He should have stuck to “normal” and stayed quiet. Let’s hope he doesn’t do it again, and pray that Trump and the birthers lose their new momentum. With all the problems plaguing our country, none of us have a moment of attention to lose even getting angry over this nastiness. Trump has received enough new power over Obama already. If we ignore him, maybe we can make it temporary.


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