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Black patrons at the 4Play nightclub in Buffalo, New York this past Saturday are alleging that they were kicked out because there were “too many Black people” in the venue.

At 11 p.m., security and the club manager were reportedly overheard by both white and Black residents saying that they needed to throw out some Black people to whiten up the club.

While the alleged discriminatory words were not caught on camera, a professional videographer was on the scene and caught the reactions of many African Americans; including a white resident who backed the claim that the club owner did say he wanted “black people out.”

“I was on the patio and I heard the club owner say those exact words and I couldn’t believe it,” said Giovanni Centurione.

Chris O’ Riley who shot the footage said that the club lights just came on and people were ordered to leave.

“We were looking forward to having a good time and it’s sad that we got thrown out just for complexion.”

Earlier in the day, there was a fashion show thrown by the same production group who promoted the party.

Danielle DaBross of FaNess Entertainment, said that many of the patrons were dressed up and not in what you would consider “hood clothing.”

“I don’t understand their problem with us. We did nothing wrong and people just wanted to have fun.”

The owner of the club, Chris Battaglia, has refused to comment on the matter.


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