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ATLANTA — Patty Bullion said the first thing she found floating into her Alabama yard after a fierce storm passed was a pregnant woman’s ultrasound photo.

Family photos, pages from church hymnals and other scraps of strangers’ memories fell like a paper rain outside Bullion’s home in the small town of Lester on Wednesday night, she said.

“As I was picking them up, I was thinking that I’m picking up people’s lives here, and I’ve got to find a way to get this back to them,” she said.

So Bullion started a Facebook page and posted photos of the items she found, and invited others to do the same.

There were nearly 600 photos on the site by Friday afternoon, and Bullion says that 40 items have already been identified by people.

The Facebook page is called “Pictures and Documents found after the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes.”

Bullion said many of the items that landed in her neighborhood appeared to be from Smithville, Miss., a town more than 100 miles to the southwest that was pounded by a massive tornado.

Other scraps were from Alabama. They included a high school’s girl’s senior quilt, which was identified soon after it was posted on the site.

Mementos pictured on the site include a torn piece of a woman’s birth certificate, which identifies her as a twin girl born in Tuscaloosa.

There’s a mortgage note, a traffic ticket, pages from school yearbooks and a photo of a newborn baby in a white jumper outfit.

“I know that these people’s lives are strewn all over these states,” Bullion said.



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