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A while back, Rush Limbaugh attempted to divide the party lines between democrats for Hillary Clinton and those for Barack Obama. Limbaugh prayed for riots in the streets. As much as I wished that the recent CPAC conference would turn to riot between racist Rush supporters and decent Republicans who were not racist but believed in conservative principles and values, there weren’t enough of the latter to start a confrontation.

After the Barack the Magic Negro controversy, I wrote an article on why the GOP Must Denounce Limbaugh and why we should boycott his parent companies.

The Republican party must choose if its principles is it fiscal responsibility and family values, or racism, sexism and a desire to see our country fail.

Top 10 Racist Limbaugh Quotes

Here Are Some Ways We Can Take Out Rush the Evil Bigot

1. Get Him Off Armed Forces Radio

Not only does Limbaugh have the support of hundreds of GOP politicians, but he is also one of the voices of Armed Services radio. That means all soldiers, whether they be female, Black or Latino, three groups who Limbaugh continually offends, have no other options on the radio than Limbaugh. Everybody should write in to their elected officials and demand that Limbaugh be taken off Armed Forces Radio. There is no reason tax payer money should go to Limbaugh while minorities and women soldiers are forced to listen to that bigot. Radio.

2. Force the GOP to address him.

The media has been doing a good job asking Republican officials to address Rush Limbaugh and let the country know what side they’re on. We as citizen journalists can do the same thing. Elected officials are public servants and must listen to the concerns of the public. The officials must be asked the question Pete Seeger posed, “Which side are you on?” Here is an example of how we can act locally to take down Rush.

Make Republicans Address Rush

3. Boycott Clear Chanel

Clear Channel is Rush Limbaugh’s parent company. Not only do they distribute Rush Limbaugh but they also own many Urban Radio stations which play corporate sponsored negative Hip Hop. If the black community were to boycott these stations(I assume they are already boycotting Rush), it would force Clear channel to address Limbaugh and we would hit them in the pocket and force them to tell us “Which Side Are You On?”

Here is a List of Rush’s Sponsors

4. Boycott CPAC Sponsors

CPAC chose to back Limbaugh and make him their keynote speaker, legitimizing his political beliefs. We should also try and boycott their sponsors as well. Some of their sponsors are BMW, AT&T and Google as well as several questionable Right Wing neo-cons racists and imperialists. These sponsors must address why they are sponsoring a neo-conservative thinktank that uses a bigot as their spokesman.

Here are CPAC’s sponsors

5. Protest Stations that Cover Limbaugh

Rush must be given the same treatment as the New York Post’s Sean Delonas. THe center of Rush’s power is WABC 770 AM in liberal New York. 770 not only carries Rush but also other right wing bigots like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. A nice protest outside 770 would call attention to the hate and bigotry the station spews daily.

We proved how successful protests can be with the recent action taken against the New York Post cartoon. Now we must take out Limbaugh. If Black people can unite with Latino groups and women’s groups, both of whom Limbaugh has offended in the past we could make the Post protest look miniscule.

Here’s a List of the Republicans Who Are On Rush’s Side

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, Clarance Thomas, Tony Snow, and Matt Drudge. All of these people either appeared on Rush’s show or hosted his show for him.

Here’s a List of Republicans Who Are Scared of Rush

John McCain (despite the fact that Limbaugh bashed him in the primaries, he has never uttered a disparaging word about the evil bigot), Michael Steele(criticized Limbaugh and then apologized), Phil Ginney(same as Steele). Bobby Jindal(called Limbaugh a conservative leader)

Here’s a List of Republicans Who Stand Up for Their Conservative Principle and To Limbaugh’s Bigotry and Negativity.

None so far