According to Yoruba mythology, when Sango discovers that, unbeknownst to him, a deity has been tortured and abused on his land, he becomes so outraged that he challenges Olodumare, the Supreme Deity, to a street fight.

Well, right now, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump appear to be teaming up with the intention of becoming no less than a two-headed Sango.

The commercial appeal of a Palin-Trump ticket in 2012 is undeniable.

In today’s age of cellular celebrity, being known is half the battle. Notoriety due to being notorious is far preferable to anonymity. And it’s only against this backdrop that the failed governor of the nation’s 4th least populous state – and a businessman touted for everything except his 4 bankruptcies – could conceivably be considered for the nation’s highest offices.

Amazingly, their chances are not as long a shot as one might think—given they apply the proper strategy.

In addition to their A-list appeal, what Palin and Trump would have to do to stand a chance to win on the Republican ticket in 2012 is convince the American people that, like Sango, a crime has been committed on their land and that they were unaware of the crime at the time.

Anybody who couldn’t see Donald Trump’s “birther” fixation as one of these attempts missed the point.

I’m curious as to what else these two have up their sleeves.

For the Americans that Palin and Trump plan to target, watching President Obama as of late must be like watching the least-liked member of your favorite basketball team enter the game with the team down and start launching three-pointer after three-pointer.

You scream “No!” every time he shoots one, but then he makes them.

How do you respond? Are you simply happy for the team? Are you happy, but would you rather have had a player that you liked more make the same shots? Or do you dislike that particular player so much that you’d actually root against your own team just to see that player fail?

Palin and Trump are hoping that most Americans fall into the last two categories.

As for the Yoruba myth, Oxala, the tortured and abused deity himself, rebukes Sango for his blasphemy.

Let’s hope that the American people give Ms. Palin and Mr. Trump’s political aspirations an ending just as African.


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