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NEW YORK — Stanford Law professor Ralph Richard Bank has a new book out about Black women and marriage.

The book, “Is Marriage For White People?,” comes to the conclusion that in order to have successful relationships, Black women must be open to inter-racial dating.

The Root reports:

When titles for this book were being considered, perhaps Why Middle Class Black Women Can’t Find a Man and How the Whole Problem Could Be Solved if They Would Just Marry White Guys didn’t have quite the ring the publisher was after….

It’s safe to say that the solution offered up in the final chapter (marry interracially!) is less than universal. It’s presented solely to black women looking to “shift the power balance” between themselves and black men. Thus, anyone else who picks up this book hoping to discover how the plight of the women whose stories animate its pages (39-year-old “smart, funny, well-educated, attractive” consultant Audrey, who says, “At this point in my life I thought I’d be married with children”; or Cecilia, a University of Michigan grad who struggles with her “blue-collar brother” husband, to name two) relates to their own lives will be left without much to take away. That is, unless you count new insights into the cultural forces that can make natural hair a challenge when dating black men and the nuances of “swag.”

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